I like to think of my works as expeditions: I usually need to go far away to find something very personal. Durational performances in public space mediate my intimate experience. I experiment with ways of documenting: film, video, animation, photography, text and recordings of my own voice are traces of experiences with which I create installations and time based works. 

My interest in ground, territory and politics comes from my background in philosophy: I investigate forms of eventfulness. This set me on the path for my ongoing research on the entanglements between abstract and concrete forms, with a clear goal to examine the forms in which society thinks itself in relation to the other-of-itself, to unveil the abstract potential in it.

I complement and nourish my artistic practice with theoretical research. I co-organize together with Sissel Marie Tonn and Jonathan Reus The Reading Room, a series of events engaging artists with scholars in a mutual exchange of knowledge. 

PH: Rob Verbunt

PH: Rob Verbunt

Currently I am looking for ways to create fictive-utopian territories in relation to the body, as that intimate place where political expectations land.



I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where among other things I got a Diploma in Philosophy (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and co-founded the Contemporary Arts magazine CIA, directed by Roberto Jacoby. In Berlin I started working professionally as a video artist. I am currently based in The Hague, Netherlands, where I got a degree at the ArtScience Interfaculty of the Royal Academy of Art. I work as an artist, researcher and curator in the field of theory and art.



Coming soon | 2019 | Work in progress, Acefala Galeria, Buenos Aires, May-July. [SOLO EXHIBITION]
2019 | Biopiracy experiment, Maldoror Galerie, Den Haag, January 3rd- February 3rd. 2019 | Pervomaisk, FICSUR, Festival Internacional de Cine del Sur del Mundo, Especial Destacados, January. 2018 |Pervomaisk, FICSUR, Festival Internacional de Cine del Sur del Mundo, October 25th – 29th. 2018 | Hole: LhGWR Gallery, (Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus), Den Haag, June 8th – July 14th. 
2018 | Pervomaisk (feature documentary film), screening in DNR Filmclub, Den Haag. May 22nd.
2018 | Pervomaisk (feature documentary film), BAFICI, Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival, April.
2018 | Variation of Hole in Ephemere, Studio Loos, Den Haag. March 8th.
2018 | Variation of Hole in Tweetakt Festival, Utrecht. April-June.
2017 | Immovable Property: Hania space, VHDG, Leeuwarden, October. With the support of Mondriaan Fonds. [SOLO EXHIBITION] 
2017 | Hole: Museum Belvédère, Museum voor Moderne en Hedendaagse Kunst in Heerenveen, Summer Exhibition.
2017 | Hole: Club Cultural Matienzo, Buenos Aires, February.
2017 | Hole: Art Rotterdam, Intersections. February.
2016 | Hole: Book. Finalist in contest Felifa Futura, Buenos Aires. Book exhibited in Book Fair.
2016 | Hole + Presentation of the book by Maldoracca in the Gallery Noordwal 117, during the Hoogtij #46, Den Haag.
2016 | Hole: Royal Academy of Art, Graduation Show, Den Haag.
2015 | Brama: live performance, part of The Empty Space, Theater aan het Spui, Zaal 3, The Hague.
2015 | Wander about: book, written and hand made. Part of collective final event Interfaculty, Bunkier Sztuki gallery, Kraków.
2015 | The Bait: experimental short film. Eye on Art / KABK Research lab. Presented in Eye Museum, Amsterdam.



Coming soon | 2019 | Acefala, Buenos Aires. 
2018 | VHDG, Leeuwarden, August. To prepare for the residency in Buenos Aires, I will start experimenting with casting body parts. Artist Maaike Knibbe will teach me her skills in making silicone molds. A collection of these casts could become a work on its own, called ‘Sketches for a discovery’, consisting of many small casts, as inverted images of the body parts and so rendered unrecognizable, and together forming a territory. Later in the project I will make 3D scans to investigate different scales. 
2017 | VHDG-SRV, Leeuwarden, September-October.
2015 | Movement Research Residency: “Tensegrity and movement.” At CLOUD, danslab.


Coming soon | 2019-2021 | General Organization of Unknown Grounds, performative symposium, VHDG+Tresoar Leeuwarden.
2017-now | Co-curator of the Reading Room, Stroom Den Haag, Den Haag.
2013-2014 | Co-founder and editor of Contemporary Arts Magazine, CIA, Buenos Aires.  



2018 | Pro Onderzoek Subsidie, Stroom Den Haag.
2017 | Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Category Feature Documentary, Third Prize, for Pervomaisk.
2017 | Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales, Post Production subsidy, for Pervomaisk.
2017 |  Premio Felifa Futura, Finalist. Book Hole.
2017 | Documentation grant, Stroom Den Haag.



2016 | Hole, acquired by MAL Collection Loppersum.



2018 | Conversaciones con un Marxista-Sionista, self-published. 
2018-now | ‘Relay Conversations’, periodic online publication from the Reading Room, at Stroom Den Haag, on http://instrumentinventors.org/research/
2016 | Hole, self-published.
2014 | “Lo mesiánico en Derrida: el paso del fundamento ético hacia la responsabilidad política”, Instantes y Azares, nr 14.
2014 | “Usership, a new surplus?” CIA contemporary arts magazine, nr 2.
2013 | “1000 machines”, CIA contemporary arts magazine, nr 1.



2014-2016 | ArtScience (BA), Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.
2007-2013 | Degree in Philosophy (BA+MA equivalent), Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Thesis title: “Messianism without messianism in Jacques Derrida: another time for justice”. Grade: 10 (highest).
2005-2006 | Universidad del Cine, Illumination and Camera. (2 years approved).
2000-2004 | Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires.



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