I like to think about my practice as expeditions: usually I need to go far to find something very personal to work with. Long durational performances in the public space mediate my intimate experience. I experiment with different ways of documenting: film, video, animation, photography, text and recordings of my own voice are traces of experiences that I use to compose installations and time based works. I consider the notion of document something quite curious: that which must account for a fact, and that in turn lends itself to be manipulated.

My interest in fundamental questions about the crossing between territory, politics and thought comes from my academic background in philosophy. There is a certain branch of philosophy that believes that its sole role is to generate models of intelligibility of reality. Another one, with which I identify myself, aims to generate openness in knowledge systems: questions, fissures, problems. Although philosophy as a discipline will always be fertile, I felt a limitation in its ability to dialogue with other languages. I found in art a more flexible exchange platform and the possibility of continuing to question what is considered to be foundational in different layers of reality.

Ground is a notion that combines both a material and concrete aspect with an abstract one. This intersection is my field of inquiry.

PH: Rob Verbunt

PH: Rob Verbunt

Although the starting point in my practice is usually the realm of the personal, my interest expands towards the other-than-human. I am moved by a political motivation to shake the certainties that constitute the world and that allow us to appropriate it as our world. Paradoxically, these certainties are naturalized, separating the human from all responsibility regarding that construction.

Currently I am looking for ways to create fictive-utopian territories in relation to the body, as that intimate place where political expectations land.



I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where among other things I got a Diploma in Philosophy (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and co-founded the Contemporary Arts magazine CIA, directed by Roberto Jacoby. In Berlin I started working professionally as a video artist. I am currently based in The Hague, Netherlands, where I got a degree at the ArtScience Interfaculty of the Royal Academy of Art. I complement and nourish my artistic practice with theoretical research. I co-organize together with Sissel Marie Tonn and Jonathan Reus The Reading Room, a series of events engaging artists with scholars in a mutual exchange of knowledge. 



2019 | Habitan esas laderas / Change in Y, Change in X, Acefala Galeria, Buenos Aires, May-July. [SOLO EXHIBITION] 2019 | Biopiracy experiment, Maldoror Galerie, Den Haag, January 3rd- February 3rd. 2019 | Pervomaisk, FICSUR, Festival Internacional de Cine del Sur del Mundo, Especial Destacados, January. 2018 |Pervomaisk, FICSUR, Festival Internacional de Cine del Sur del Mundo, October 25th – 29th. 2018 | Hole: LhGWR Gallery, (Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus), Den Haag, June 8th – July 14th. 
2018 | Pervomaisk (feature documentary film), screening in DNR Filmclub, Den Haag. May 22nd.
2018 | Pervomaisk (feature documentary film), BAFICI, Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival, April.
2018 | Variation of Hole in Ephemere, Studio Loos, Den Haag. March 8th.
2018 | Variation of Hole in Tweetakt Festival, Utrecht. April-June.
2017 | Immovable Property: Hania space, VHDG, Leeuwarden, October. With the support of Mondriaan Fonds. [SOLO EXHIBITION] 
2017 | Hole: Museum Belvédère, Museum voor Moderne en Hedendaagse Kunst in Heerenveen, Summer Exhibition.
2017 | Hole: Club Cultural Matienzo, Buenos Aires, February.
2017 | Hole: Art Rotterdam, Intersections. February.
2016 | Hole: Book. Finalist in contest Felifa Futura, Buenos Aires. Book exhibited in Book Fair.
2016 | Hole + Presentation of the book by Maldoracca in the Gallery Noordwal 117, during the Hoogtij #46, Den Haag.
2016 | Hole: Royal Academy of Art, Graduation Show, Den Haag.
2015 | Brama: live performance, part of The Empty Space, Theater aan het Spui, Zaal 3, The Hague.
2015 | Wander about: book, written and hand made. Part of collective final event Interfaculty, Bunkier Sztuki gallery, Kraków.
2015 | The Bait: experimental short film. Eye on Art / KABK Research lab. Presented in Eye Museum, Amsterdam.



2019 | Acefala Galeria, Buenos Aires, 15th April - 15th May.
2018 | VHDG, Leeuwarden, August. To prepare for the residency in Buenos Aires, I will start experimenting with casting body parts. Artist Maaike Knibbe will teach me her skills in making silicone molds. A collection of these casts could become a work on its own, called ‘Sketches for a discovery’, consisting of many small casts, as inverted images of the body parts and so rendered unrecognizable, and together forming a territory. Later in the project I will make 3D scans to investigate different scales. 
2017 | VHDG-SRV, Leeuwarden, September-October.
2015 | Movement Research Residency: “Tensegrity and movement.” At CLOUD, danslab.


Coming soon | 2019-2021 | General Organization of Unknown Grounds, performative symposium, VHDG+Tresoar Leeuwarden.
2017-now | Co-curator of the Reading Room, Stroom Den Haag, Den Haag.
2013-2014 | Co-founder and editor of Contemporary Arts Magazine, CIA, Buenos Aires.  



2018 | Pro Onderzoek Subsidie, Stroom Den Haag.
2017 | Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Category Feature Documentary, Third Prize, for Pervomaisk.
2017 | Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales, Post Production subsidy, for Pervomaisk.
2017 |  Premio Felifa Futura, Finalist. Book Hole.
2017 | Documentation grant, Stroom Den Haag.



2016 | Hole, acquired by MAL Collection Loppersum.



2018 | Conversaciones con un Marxista-Sionista, self-published. 
2018-now | ‘Relay Conversations’, periodic online publication from the Reading Room, at Stroom Den Haag, on http://instrumentinventors.org/research/
2016 | Hole, self-published.
2014 | “Lo mesiánico en Derrida: el paso del fundamento ético hacia la responsabilidad política”, Instantes y Azares, nr 14.
2014 | “Usership, a new surplus?” CIA contemporary arts magazine, nr 2.
2013 | “1000 machines”, CIA contemporary arts magazine, nr 1.



2018 | Course Art and Politics by Maria Hlavajova, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht. 2014-2016 | ArtScience (BA), Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.
2007-2013 | Degree in Philosophy (BA+MA equivalent), Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Thesis title: “Messianism without messianism in Jacques Derrida: another time for justice”. Grade: 10 (highest).
2005-2006 | Universidad del Cine, Illumination and Camera. (2 years approved).
2000-2004 | Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires.



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